Port Vila





Christian 82.5%
Other 9.6%
Indigenous 5.6%
Irreligious 2.3%


About Vanuatu

Vanuatu, formerly known as the New Hebrides, is  a group of islands southeast of the Solomon Islands. The economy is based around agriculture and tourism and both industries are often effected by inclement weather.  Vanuatu is the third poorest nation in the Pacific region. Over 94% of the population identify as Christian with thousands turning to Christ. The nation was officially rededicated to the Lord in 2006 with an outpouring of repentance, celebration, communion and prayer.



Problems to be solved
  • Poverty

  • Syncretic beliefs within some churches.  Pray for wisdom and Biblical revelation.

  • Pray for training and teaching for church leaders and a deeper grasp of the gospel.

  • The influx of other faiths, including Mormonism and Islam. 

  • Pray that government leaders would lead with righteousness


Signs of hope
  • The motto of Vanuatu is, ‘In God We Stand’ and thousands have turned to Christ.




Sources:  Operation World