Christian: 90.2%
Irreligious: 5.9%
Other: 3.9%


About St Lucia

617 sq km. One of the Windward Islands between Martinique and St Vincent. One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

A stable parliamentary democracy independent from Britain since 1979

With breathtaking Caribbean beaches, lush rainforests, and majestic mountains, Saint Lucia’s magnificent landscape is an idyllic destination. Roughly halfway into the Eastern Caribbean chain, the island draws much of its economic stability from tourism. Saint Lucia’s culture stems from its African, French, and British influences, making it deeply rich and diverse.

Contested for many years, this island nation was passed between England and France fourteen times until it declared its independence in 1979. Because of this, Saint Lucia has maintained elements of both cultures. Although ruled by Britain for 165 years, the people’s dialect and Catholicism reach back to the French. Most islanders are descendants of slaves, adding an African thread to this beautiful cultural tapestry. Once dependent on sugar plantations, the island now produces a large banana crop and enjoys a very stable economy.

Tourism, agriculture, offshore finance and manufacturing make St Lucia one of the most diverse and stable economies in the Caribbean.

Redemptive Gift

Stability and Strength

Problems to be solved
  • Moral decline
  • Decline in faith-filled Christianity
  • Division amongst the Church
  • Pray for the Word of God to be acquired, read and applied in the lives of St Lucians. 
  • Pray for the church to demonstrate Christ-like morality and compassion to the extensive group of single mothers within the nation. 
  • Pray for missionaries to minister to the many tourists that visit the island.
  • Pray that the stability of St. Lucia’s economy will be mirrored in the nation’s adherence to the Word of God, that they would stand as a nation firmly grounded in the principles of God. 
Signs of hope
  • The New Testament, recently translated into Creole, is being used for literacy projects.
  • CLC has a Christian bookstore in Castries. 
  • IFES works in secondary schools with plans to expand.