Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte





Buddhist 70.19%
Hindu 12.6%
Islam 9.7%
Other 7.4%


About Sri Lanka

Religion is important to Sri Lankans.  Buddhism is protected and promoted as the national religion and around 70% of the population identify as Buddhist. Only 8% of the population are Christian and Prayercast estimates that 86% of the population remain unreached by the Gospel.  Although the Sri Lankan law stipulates freedom of religion, Christians often endure persecution. 

Despite being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, many Sri Lankans have been forced to seek work outside of the country due to severe income inequality and prejudice.  These people are often exploited, abused and sometimes enslaved by their employers. 

Civil War based around ethnic divides plagued the region from the early 1980s to 2009 and as such much healing is needed.

Socially, alcoholism, suicide, and violence, including rape are increasing significantly. 

Problems to be solved
  • Alcoholism, suicide, and violent crime.

  • Physical and relational healing from the effects of civil war in the region.

  • Persecution of Christians.  Pray against proposed anti-conversion laws.

  • Pray for the emerging church.

  • Pray that the Gospel would go out in power and with the love of Christ.  Pray for workers with a heart for the lost and hurting.

Signs of hope
  • Churches are emerging that are planted and led by Sri Lankans.


Sources:  PrayerCast