Christian 97%
Other 2.5%
Irreligious 0.5%


About Solomon Islands

A volcanic group of islands east of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands are home to almost 600,000 people.  An ethnically diverse nation, made up of several distinct tribes and political groups, the nation continues to face challenges in terms of national unity.  Civil war paralysed the nation from 1998-2003 and although peace was eventually imposed by outside forces, disunity and fragmentation remains.  The Christian church in the Solomon Islands is growing and the Christian witness and ministry in the wake of war has been a great testimony.  Nominalism and syncretism are considerable issues amongst the Church and continued work and revelation is needed in this regard.



Problems to be solved
  • Healing, repentance,  forgiveness, reconciliation and unity amongst all people.

  • Pray for revival amongst the church and solid biblical revelation and teaching.  Pray for training of pastors and leaders.  Pray that the Word of God would be translated in every tongue.

  • Pray that the Church would be a standard of unity for the greater community to follow



Signs of hope
  • The Solomon Islands have a history of revival and the church is growing




Sources:  Operation World, Prayercast