Buddhism 33.9%
Islam 14.3%
Taoist 11.3%
Hindu 5.2%
Christian 18.1%
Other 17.2%


About Singapore

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is known as one of the cleanest and greenest countries in the region. The nation is one of the greatest commercial centres in the world and a booming economy has seen many Singaporeans begin to pursue wealth and success over religious priorities and traditional values.  Socially, this materialism and move away from traditional values has contributed to the break down of family structures.  Religious freedom and tolerance are governmental priorities.  40% of the nation identify as Buddhist, whilst just over 16% identify as Christian.  

Problems to be solved
  • The pursuit of wealth and materialistic priorities is eroding family structures and traditional values.
  • Pray for Christians to keep Christ as their main pursuit.  Pray that they would have wisdom and boldness and that they would represent Jesus’ power and love to those who do not yet know him.
  • Pray for more ministries for poor immigrant labourers. 


Signs of hope

The Christian church is growing steadily. 

Sources:  Operation World, PrayerCast