Christian 76.8%
Mormon 15.1%
Other 8.1%


About Samoa

A small group of islands in the South Pacific, Samoa is populated by around 220,000 thousand people.  Samoa has a long Christian tradition and the evangelical church is growing in the nation. Nominalism and strife between churches and denominations continues to be an issue, and Mormonism is growing as the Mormon church sends many missionaries to Samoa each year. The lush rainforest and beautiful beaches of Samoa drive an expanding tourist economy, although agriculture, fishing and aid continue to be the main sources of revenue. The 2009 earthquake caused significant damage to the islands and, in turn, the economy.


Problems to be solved
  • Nominalism amongst Christians.  Pray for revival and renewal within the church.

  • Disunity and strife amongst denominations and between newer and more traditional churches.  Pray for reconciliation and unity.

  • Pray for sound biblical teaching that exposes the errors of Mormonism and draws people into a living relationship with Christ.

  • Unemployment in rural districts.


Signs of hope
  • Samoa has a strong Christian tradition and the constitution states that the country is founded on these principles.  The nation’s motto is, ‘Samoa is founded on God.’

  • The evangelical church is growing.



Sources:  Operation World, Prayercast