Port Moresby





Christian 96.4%
Indigenous Beliefs 3.3%
Other 0.3%


About Papua New Guinea

The island nation of Papua New Guinea is home to nearly 7 million people.  The mountainous island is one of the world’s most culturally diverse nations, with around 830 different languages spoken.  PNG’s motto, ‘Unity in Diversity’ reflects a desire for unity amongst people groups despite ongoing violence and tribal fighting.  Unemployment is high and literacy rates are low, presenting particular difficulties to the nation’s young people as they face an uncertain future. Over 95% of Papua New Guineans identify as Christian, however this is often mixed with animistic beliefs and practices.  Christians are represented well in government, with an increased presence after recent elections.


Problems to be solved
  • Tribal fighting, gang violence, revenge killing and violence associated with witchcraft.

  • The rise of HIV.

  • Unemployment and low literacy rates.

  • Attempts to Islamise PNG are underway. 

  • Government corruption.

  • Effective discipleship to all people groups is desperately needed.  Pray for Godly wisdom and creativity for those evangelising.  Pray that biblical faith and character would be built and that unity amongst the church would be a standard that flows throughout the community.

  • Linguistic diversity and low literacy rates make access to the Bible very difficult.  Pray for creative ways to see God’s Word made accessible to every individual.


Signs of hope
  • Much of the population identify as Christian, there is religious freedom and a strong Christian presence in parliament


Sources:  Operation World, Prayercast