Kuala Lumpar





Islam 61.3%
Buddhist 19.8%
Christian 9.2%
Hindu 6.3%
Other 3.4%


About Malaysia

Despite it’s considerable economic growth, Malaysia remains plagued by corruption, piracy, human trafficking and slavery. Although freedom of religion is in place, Christians face mounting pressure and are forbidden from witnessing to the dominant, Sunni Muslim population.  Sharia law supersedes politics and fundamentalist Muslims have a significant presence in the nation.


Problems to be solved
  • The dominance and control exercised by fundamentalist Islam which works to marginalise and oppress Christians and the Christian witness.
  • The lack of Christian literature and resources to cater for the diverse language groups.
  • Pray for visa restrictions that inhibit Christian workers from working within the nation to be lifted.
  • Pray for unity and strength amongst the Church.
  • Pray that Malaysian Muslims would encounter Jesus and turn to a relationship with him.


Signs of hope

There is a strong Christian church amongst the ethnic Chinese.  Pray for those who are trying to bridge the gap between the ethnic and religious groups.


Sources:  1040Win, PrayerCast