Christian: 65.3%
Other incl spiritual cults: 34.7%


About Jamaica

The island of Jamaica draws tourists from around the globe for it’s natural beauty and rich culture, music and food.  90% of the population is of African descent.  Economically, the nation previously relied on mineral exports but more recently the tourism industry had experienced a boom and provides a more stable economy. Jamaica has a rich spiritual history, boasting the highest number of churches per square mile in the world.  Despite this history, many of those who identify as Christians are not living lives of holiness and fervency for the Gospel. As a whole, the nation is in the midst of moral and social collapse as South American drug cartels exert a greater influence over the country.  Violence, including murder, rape and domestic  abuse are widespread.  

Redemptive gift

Passion and fervour. 

Problems to be solved
  • Immorality
  • The influence of South American drug cartels and the resulting violent crime and corruption.
  • Poverty
  • The poor have little exposure to the Gospel.
  • Pray that there would be revival in the nation.  Pray that those who identify as Christians would commit themselves fully to living in line with the Word of God.  Pray that the passion that exists within the nation would be most evident in the way in which people live for Jesus.
  • Pray for the ministries and churches within the nation to be strengthened and stand as true beacons of the power of God and of his great love.
Signs of Hope
  • Jamaica has a rich Christian heritage.
  • An openness to the Gospel.
  • The nation has a history of mission-sending.

(Source: Operation World, 2017).