Gold Coast


God’s Redemptive Purpose for our City: The Gold Coast is a Festival City. It is a centre for Tourism and Hospitality

In prayer, release over the city, a Spirit of celebration centred in refreshing and inspiring people; in building fresh strength and hope.

The Gold Coast is a City of Vision:

A city marked with an entrepreneurial spirit.  (This is expressed in innovative business and other significant initiatives in Media / Arts / Sport / Education etc)

In prayer, release over the city the creativity and inspiration to develop innovative business.
Pray that our businesses will be governed by a spirit of integrity and generosity and that selfish exploitation and corruption will be exposed and overthrown.

The Church of the Gold Coast:

In prayer, release over the church of the city:

  • a renewed zeal for intimacy with Jesus.
  • a fresh encounter & empowering with the Holy Spirit a heart to honour and encourage one another
  • as fellow members of Christ’s body
  • a generous Spirit
  • a heart of compassion and the wisdom from heaven to stand with, encourage and restore the poor, the broken and the despairing.

So that we are a people:

  • who are passionate in our devotion to Jesus Christ
  • who stand with the poor and dispossessed.
  • who bring out the “gold” in one another and the people around us