The Queen’s Baton is in Barbados for the period

June 10-14, 2017 (AEST)










Christian: 95.5%
Agnostic: 1.7%
Other: 2.8%


About Barbados

430 sq km. The most easterly of the Windward Islands.

Parliamentary government since 1647. Independent from Britain in 1966. Stable democratic rule since then.

One of the most prosperous and successful island states of the Caribbean, with an increasingly diverse economy based on tourism, sugar, light industry and off-shore banking.

Redemptive Gift

a spirit of repentance 

Problems to be solved
  • Continued healing from the effects of past slavery.
  • Decreasing church attendance
  • Increasing violence and crime
  • Those disillusioned with Christianity are turning to Islam and Mormonism
  • Widespread immorality 
  • Occult practices 
  • Pray for the Church to powerfully represent Christ against the increasing prevalence of immorality, materialism and the occult.
  • Pray for genuine unity amongst the Church and a commitment to fellowship and prayer.
Signs of hope

In 1999 Christians initiated national repentance for past sins in a desire to break free from the haunting and gruesome realities of the slave trade.  Pray that this spirit of repentance would break out throughout the nation.