Mitchell is a town and locality in the Western Downs district of Maranoa Region, Queensland, established in 1864. In the 2011 census, Mitchell had a population of 1,311 people.

The town services the local area, a cattle and sheep farming district including The Great Artesian Spa which opened in 1998.


Morven is a town located on the Warrego Highway west of Brisbane when the town was officially surveyed in 1880. At the 2006 census, Morven had a population of 276.

Originally a camping ground for early settlers, Morven today is a thriving little town that relies on farming and agriculture produce,
boasting a range of tourist attractions such as the Tregole National Park that hosts the rare Ooline trees.


Charleville is a town founded in 11 January 1865 with a population of 3,335 people. It is the largest town and administrative centre of the Shire of Murweh. Aviation is served by the Charleville Airport. The asteroid 13933 Charleville is named in the towns honour.

The Westlander rail passenger service links the town to Brisbane. Charleville would have been the southern end of the Transcontinental railway proposed in the 1880s, connecting to Point Parker on the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The following are prayer points coming from sources in Charleville:

1. Need to break a curse placed on city after 1990 flood ‘ that there be no more rain in Charleville ever’
2. Drug dealers are having a field day with students
3. Difficulty in relating to indigenous people who have been hurt by the church