Albany is a port city in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, the state capital. Albany is the oldest colonial settlement in Western Australia. As of 2015, Albany’s estimated population was 37,322. Albany was founded on 26 December 1826. The town’s industries turned primarily to agriculture, timber and later, whaling. Today as a city it is the southern terminus for tourism in the region, and the state’s South West, which is known for its natural environment and preservation of heritage. The town has a role in the ANZAC legend, being the last port of call for troopships departing Australia in the First World War.

Denmark is a coastal town located on Wilson Inlet in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, 423km south-east of the state capital of Perth. Denmark was established in 1895 and has a total population of 5,845.

Manjimup is a town in Western Australia, 307km south of the state capital, Perth. The town of Manjimup is a regional centre for the largest shire in the South West region of Western Australia. As of 2015, Manjimup has a population of 9,404. Manjimup was first settled by timber cutter Thomas Muir, who took up land near the present town site in 1856. It was declared a town in 1910, and a railway from Perth was completed in 1911.Timber is the town’s major industry, but it has been joined by fruit and vegetable farms, dairy farms, wool, grain and vineyards