Bendigo is a city in Victoria, located very close to the geographical centre of the state and approximately 150 kilometres north west of Melbourne.  As of June 2016, Bendigo had an urban population of 95,587, making it the fourth largest inland city in Australia and fourth most populous city in the state.

The discovery of gold transformed Bendigo from a sheep station to a major settlement in the newly proclaimed Colony of Victoria.  Since 1851 about 780,000 kilograms of gold have been extracted from Bendigo’s goldmines, making it the highest producing goldfield in Australia in the 19th century and the largest gold mining economy in eastern Australia.

Although the town flourished in its beginnings as a result of the discovery of gold, it experienced a reversal of fortune in the early 20th century. However, its growth accelerated in the post-war years and has continued to increase steadily since. Bendigo is a large and growing service economy. The major industries are tourism, commerce, education and primary industries, with some significant engineering industries. Bendigo is also the largest finance centre in Victoria outside Melbourne as home to Australia’s only provincially headquartered retail bank, the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Prayer Points: 

From a local church leader:   

1.  There seems to be great opportunities for our churches to engage in the broader community through practical and tangible demonstrations of Godkindness. Eg. Sporting clubs are open to chaplaincy with most of the football clubs in the Bendigo Football League having a Chaplin in their midst. Churches are reaching out into communities by meeting identified needs. 

2.  Pray for our contact with community that people would see God expressed through our expressions of love and kindness. Pray for our chaplains in sporting clubs and schools. These people are on the ministry front-line and it’s not always easy. Pray for a deepening hunger to BE disciples that can MAKE other disciples of Christ in this region


About: Shepparton is a city located on the floodplain of the Goulburn River in northern Victoria approximately 181 kilometres north-northeast of Melbourne. At June 2016, the estimated urban population of Shepparton, including Mooroopna, was 50,198.[1]

It began as a sheep station and river crossing in the mid-19th century, before undergoing a major transformation as a railway town. Today it is an agricultural and manufacturing centre, and the centre of the Goulburn Valley irrigation system, one of the largest centres of irrigation in Australia. It is also a major regional service city and the seat of local government and civic administration for the City of Greater Shepparton, which includes the surrounding towns of Tatura, Merrigum, Mooroopna, Murchison, Dookie, Toolamba and Grahamvale.

Prayer Points: 

From a local church leader:   We have a growing sense of the need for unity amongst the churches to be praying for revival. Unity is happening in amazing ways but we have a long way to go. Revival is also key for us…not only that followers of Jesus would be fired up but that we would impact the community around us as well.

Refer also to general prayer points above.


Wangaratta is a cathedral city in the northeast of Victoria, approximately 250 km from Melbourne along the Hume Highway. The city had an estimated urban population of 18,891 at June 2016. The city is located at the junction of the Ovens and King rivers, which drain the northwestern slopes of the Victorian Alps.

The original inhabitants of the area were the Pangerang peoples who spoke a Gunai language. Many of the Pangerang were killed in the Gippsland massacres.

There is a considerable wine and gourmet food industry in the nearby Milawa and King Valley region. Other notable industries in the area include Australian Textile Mills formerly Bruck Textiles, Wilson Fabrics that now occupies the old IBM facility, Merriwa Industries and Australian Country Spinners.

Notable buildings include the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral and its Cathedral Close, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.