Prayer Points:

  1. That in the passing of the Baton to each town and region, there would be a transfer of Holy Spirit power that overrides all other powers and that enables a greater measure of release of God’s mercy, blessing and His desires and purposes for that town or region
  2. Our overarching prayer is for revival and transformation, a mighty awakening city by city, town by town across Australia and for multitudes of our fellow citizens to encounter Christ.
  3. That there would be a strengthening of individual churches as well as greater unity between the churches and that pastors, leadership teams and people would hear the Lord’s heart for each community.


Armidale is a city in the Northern Tablelands, New South Wales, Australia. Armidale had a population of over 37,711. The town, which was surveyed in 1848 and gazetted in 1849, was established to provide a market and administration for the farms. Armidale became a municipality in 1863 and was proclaimed a city in 1885.


Bellingen is a small town on Waterfall Way on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. It has a population of 13,010.


Coffs Harbour is an Australian coastal city located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. It is one of the largest urban centres in the North Coast region, with an estimated population of 86,400. Coffs Harbour’s economy was once based mainly on bananas, now being superseded by blueberries as well as tourism and fishing. One of the biggest attractions is the Big Banana, one of the first of Australia’s Big Things. Coffs Harbour was established in the 1870s and was later proclaimed a city in 1987.