Pray GC

Pray GC is an initiative under the Gold Coast House of Prayer to encourage prayer and prayer people across the city.


  1. A gathering of people from a number of congregations across the city for the purpose of exalting Jesus Christ, seeking His face and interceding for revival and transformation of the church and our city.  Held every Wednesday, 9:30am – Noon at the Gold Coast House of Prayer …. City Link Resource Centre, 148 Eastlake Street, Carrara (Exit 75 off the M1).
  2. The development, over time, of prayer specifically into the different spheres of influence that shape the culture and represent gateways into the Gold Coast. – Family, Business, Education, Government, Media (internet, newspapers, TV), Arts & Entertainment, Sport, Justice and Health.
  3. Encouragement of prayer in local churches. The local churches play a vital role in giving witness to Christ and His Kingdom. They have an important place in developing a prayer focus for the Gold Coast.