The 24/7 Prayer Initiative started with a vision to create a 24 hour, 7 days a week canopy of prayer, praise and worship over the Gold Coast community.

There are now over 42 churches and many individuals involved in the initiative and we are still looking to involve many more.

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About The 24/7 Prayer Initiative

24/7 Prayer Vision

Establish a canopy of 24/7 prayer, praise and worship covering the Gold Coast

Churches are asked to commit to praying one day per month every month (2nd Thursday, 3rd Friday, etc). Together, these churches will help establish 24/7 prayer and set an atmosphere for God’s abiding presence in our churches and community.

Each church is free to divide their 24hour day of prayer as they see fit (usually into 24 one hour segments or 48 x 30 minute segments.)

We would encourage each person praying to get together with one or two individuals or families in their church in order to build community and follow Jesus together in prayer.

STEP 1:   Churches appoint a Local Church Prayer Co-ordinator.

Role of the Co-ordinator:

  • Develop a Prayer Guide for the local church in consultation with the pastors and elders.
  • This guide together with the strategic prayer points for the Gold Coast are distributed to those praying.
  1. The local prayer coordinator follows up with those praying to encourage, train / equip, connect and gather. (The goal is to strengthen prayer in the local congregations)
  2. The local prayer coordinators are to meet with the other prayer coordinators in the city 3 times a year to connect, build trusted relationships, pray together and to and to learn from one another.


Each local church is asked to pray first for their local congregation. 

  • For their pastors and leaders
  • For their people and their mission
  • For the communities in which the churches are set.

A great guide in our praying is to begin with playing a couple of worship songs that focus on God as our Father …The Creator of heaven and earth and our Redeemer .. the Lord Jesus Christ.  This takes up the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer.

Then move to praying using some of the biblical prayers in the New Testament as a starting point asking the Lord to highlight specifics

  • Matthew 6: 9-14

For the local church and the church of the city, perhaps:

  • Ephesians 1: 17-21
  • Philippians 1: 9-11
  • Colossians 1:9-12

There is tremendous power in blessing:  This is a great way for the Light of Christ to be released into our local communities … over our education system, our politicians etc.

  • That the veil be lifted from their minds so that our leaders have encounters with the living God.
  • The Blessing of Numbers 6: 22-27

Then to pray for the Gold Coast city as the Holy Spirit leads using the Strategic Prayer Points published each month on our website and sent out as an email as a guide.

We will seek to make these prayer points specific, measurable and biblically based.

It is vital that we listen for the Holy Spirit’s prompting in our prayer rather than just praying our own ideas

Strategic Teams 

There are a number of spheres in the life of the city that shape the culture of the city and contribute to its corporate expression.

In each of these areas Christian presence as Salt, Light and Yeast can make a massive difference.. Prayer support for our people on the frontlines in these spheres is vital.

  • Family
  • Government
  • Education
  • Media
  • Business
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Health
  • Sport
  • Justice

To encourage strengthening of prayer in these areas our intention is to hold a a couple of gatherings through the year for city wide worship and prayer where clusters of those keen to make a difference in prayer and action in these spheres can gather and together discern the Holy Spirit’s leading for prayer into these fields.

City Wide Worship & Prayer    7:00pm -9:00pm  – Monday 3rd June

(with Sphere Clusters) 7:00pm -9:00pm  – Monday 2nd September

Venue: City Link Resource Centre 148 Eastlake St Carrara

These clusters will help inform & be informed by the canopy of day and night prayer!

It is imperative that we pray in accordance with God’s will and for his renown.

It is important to discover together, “What does transformation in our sphere look like, and how can we measure it?”


STEP 3: Communication 

Step 3 is the implementation of an effective communication system. 

  1. A prayer guide of informed prayer points from the strategic teams will be compiled & sent to the prayer coordinators of each of the churches involved each quarter. These are to be specific, measurable, & Bible based.
  2. Our aim is to develop a praise report of answered prayer & increased God activity in the community and then to sent this out to the strategic teams & the churches involved to encourage those praying as well as to remind us to give praise & credit to the Lord!

This ongoing communication between the 24/7 prayer efforts (local church based) and kingdom minded leaders in the strategic teams helps lay down tracks for ongoing sustainable transformation at the local level.

The result is a “canopy” of 24/7 strategic, united, prayer that covers the community and the spheres of society–every hour–of every day–of every week–of every month.

(This material is adapted from Light of the World Prayer Centre: